Here’s how you can get the Windows 10 Anniversary Update right now


It’s Windows 10 Anniversary Update day!



Sure, news of a war between Instagram and Snapchat and a sexy new Samsung flagship device may have pushed aside this momentous occasion. But for the hundreds of millions of people already running Windows 10, this is kind of a big deal.

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update cleans up and reorganizes the operating system, extends Cortana’s reach and intelligence, adds extensions to Microsoft Edge and introduces us to Windows Ink. For all the details and why you want this upgrade, read my review. Read more…

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Google expanding its ‘right to be forgotten’ in Europe just means you’ll now need a VPN

When Google was ordered to start censoring its search results for users within Europe back in 2014, it meant that anyone who requested delisted information from any of the search giant’s European sites couldn’t access it. There was, however, one giant hole in that system – anyone visiting got a full list of results regardless of where they were accessing the search engine from, essentially rendering the ‘right to be forgotten’ ruling a bit pointless. From this week, that’s set to change as users within Europe to any of Google’s search engines will now be subject to the same set of…

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