‘The Walking Dead’ Casts Its Second Most Important Comics Character For Season Six

The Walking Dead has had a complicated relationship with the comics over the years, guided by Robert Kirkman’s graphic novels, but not bound by them. But now that the group has landed in Alexandria, they seem to be sticking to the script more than usual, and that includes casting specific characters that many predicted may not appear on the show.

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Ledge uses Venmo to make borrowing money and paying it back dead simple

We’ve all been there – sometimes you simply need to borrow money. Whether it’s for a big investment, moving to a new place or life just getting a little rough, Ledge aims to make it dead simple to borrow money from friends, family and others – and actually pay them back. It essentially works like a crowdfunding platform, but with a few twists. After borrowers create a campaign explaining how much cash they need, they give the loan interest rate (which adds a lending incentive), and specify the number of installments payments will be made over.   Like on several other platforms, funds aren’t available…

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