AMD and Canonical create OpenStack in a rack

AMD and Canonical create OpenStack in a rack
A few months ago, Canonical, Ubuntu Linux's parent company, had an unexpected hit on its hands: the Ubuntu Orange Box. This OpenStack cloud in a box, although made from consumer-grade components, was the star of May's OpenStack Summit.
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Rackspace Re-architects its OpenStack Private Clouds
Rackspace has redesigned the fundamental architecture of OpenStack private clouds it deploys for its customers using Icehouse, the latest release of the open source cloud system. The changes, the company claims, make it more stable and scalable.
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What's new in OpenStack Juno
OpenStack is on a six-month release cycle, with each release given a code name starting with consecutive letters of the alphabet. On October 16th, OpenStack Juno will be released, with several new projects, and lots of new features. Here's a few of the …